Channels management

Brands have more and more profiles in various social media. The intensity of advertising activity in this communication channel is growing every year. Our experience shows that very often creating these profiles, setting them, monitoring, updating and granting / removing access to team members or partners is entrusted to one person. In most cases, this is Media Manager. In a situation where such a person manages several brands, on different platforms and many markets it’s very hard to control all process stages. What if such a person is on vacation or decides to change the place of work? Then we come in. We will deal with all issues related to your brands social media profiles:

Channels management

  • managing profiles and advertising accounts on various social networks
  • integration of brand advertising profiles and accounts in multiple markets
  • granting access to partners
  • sharing resources with partners
  • creating custom audience groups
  • account security
  • platform changes, updates, errors

By working with Social_Admins you will increase the efficiency of your work and use the full potential of your social media profiles. Our system allows us to constantly monitor profiles and communicate with our clients.


Channels management Dominik Kraczewski