Our client, one of the most famous toy manufacturers, asked us to propose and implement solutions that would enable a more effective workflow in the implementation of social media campaigns.

After analyzing the situation, we identified the issues that had the greatest impact on the ineffective workflow:

  • 15 largely independent European markets
  • Many people involved in the process
  • Seasonality of conducted activities
  • Communication based mainly on email
  • Transfer of advertising assets through wetransfer
  • Poor knowledge transfer

Coordination and knowledge transfer

Introduced solutions:

Implementation of a project management tool.

There are many project management tools available on the market. In this case, the most important thing for us was to choose a tool that allows to:

  • Create tasks and control their implementation
  • Divide tasks between teams
  • Assets transfer and large storage space

We found a tool that met all the above guidelines. We presented the client with the tool as well as the implementation plan. After receiving the approval, we started the implementation process. We started by creating an account architecture that took into account the division into teams and roles in the process. In the next step, we created a knowledge base tailored to the needs of each role in the process. Then we prepared a sample project for instructional purposes. The last step was to conduct online training with each market. After the implementation of the new system, we focused on the administration of the project platform we created, process optimization and technical support.

The solution we introduced was appreciated by everyone involved in the process. The main advantages of the solution are high time savings, intuitiveness and control.

Coordination and knowledge transfer Dominik Kraczewski