Our client, one of the largest corporations involved in the sale of alcoholic products, commissioned us to find a way to accelerate the approval process of advertising materials published in social media. The issue concerned ten well-known brands known for high-quality advertising materials. Each brand carried out its advertising activities independently. Brand managers, media managers and social media managers participated in the process on the client's side. On the side of the creative agency, social media managers, accounts, graphic designers and copywriters took part in the process. The aim was to maintain high-quality content while reducing the amount of time needed for its development and approval.

Development and approval of assets


  • reducing the amount of time needed for the development and approval of advertising materials
  • the ability to preview the "before" and "after" versions
  • scheduling
  • the ability to separate client and agency communication
  • easy to implement and control
  • possibility to define the level of access

Introduced solution:

After analyzing the process, we came to the conclusion that there is an online tool that will solve all the problems our client has to face. The main advantages of the proposed tool are the ability to exchange opinions in real time, the ability to view previous versions of the creative and assigning roles / permissions. After presenting the solution to the client and receiving approval, we started the implementation process. We started the process by linking the profiles to the application. The next step was to create teams on the client's side and a creative agency for individual brands. In the next stage, we conducted trainings where we showed examples of how to use the full potential of the tool. After the first two months of using the our solution, client assessed that the new approval process is 50% more effective than the previous one. Our solution made such a great impression on the client that he commissioned us to implement the process for other brands.

Development and approval of assets Dominik Kraczewski