The analysis of the results of promotional activities is crucial for every advertiser. Numerous social media platforms, a growing number of campaigns, various advertising goals and indicators as well as changing advertising formats make the traditional reporting method ineffective. The main reason is the large amount of data and the inability to easily analyze the campaigns carried out from a helicopter view.

Many of our clients underlined the need to solve this problem. We analyzed the situation and prepared a solution we called "Smart Reporting"


  • simultaneous data analysis from various sources
  • access to historical data and current data
  • automation
  • permanent access and ease of use
  • high visual quality of the data presented

Smart reporting


We offered our clients the introduction of interactive dashboards. We use the Google Data Studio tool to create dashboards. The first step in implementing this solution was to understand all data sources and indicators used to evaluate clients social activities. The second stage was to prepare a naming convention that would unify the names of campaigns, sets, advertisements, utm, etc. The next stage was to work out with the clients how the data should be presented so that they can easily analyze the results.

After the solution was implemented, our role is to administer, make changes and support the effective use of dashboards.

Smart reporting Dominik Kraczewski