We will manage your social media accounts, so you can focus on more important issues

You manage the communication of multiple brands in social media? You work with several creative agencies, media agencies and online tools suppliers? You want to keep an effective work flow?

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key featuresBy working with SOCIAL_ADMINS, you don't have to worry about:

Channels management

We will help you effectively set up your business social media accounts and show you how to use their full potential on various platforms.

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Effective workflow

Cooperation with many different agencies/partners can be very time - consuming. We know how to arrange the process to be effective.

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Analysis & Reporting

Month-to-month comparison of the activities effectiveness. Monitoring platform updates.

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We control who have access to your profiles, accounts and assets.

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Why Us?

Why Us? We know the needs and problems faced by managers responsible for multi-brand communication in social media.

Our team of certified professional have built their experience working in media and creative agencies and also on the client side.


Numbers Grow your brands using the best analytics and reporting.

We will analyze the results of your activities using the most advanced tools. Once a month we will send you eye-friendly, ready-to-present reports.


Brand Profiles

We cooperate with global and local brands.


Account users

We give permissions and control who have access to your business accounts.


WORKFLOW We implement solution and train teams to achieve the most effective work flow

If you have a feeling that the internal or external work flow is ineffective we will be happy to give you tools and show how to boost your productivity.


CASE STUDIESDeveloping most effective solutions

Development and approval of assets

We established a process that improved the work between our client and creative agencies.

Coordination and knowledge transfer

Our client conducts advertising activities in 15 CEE markets. We have created a platform that has improved the workflow between markets, media planners and media agencies.

Smart reporting

Report templates, naming conventions and data dashboards makes it easy for our clients to analyze the campaign effectiveness on a monthly basis.

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